November President's Message

Tue, 11/07/2017 - 18:26
by Brent Dohogne

Shortly after earning the CPCU designation in 2012, Rick Jones encouraged me to attend something called “I-Day.” I had never heard of that term and thought I had misheard—“I-Day” sounded more like an Apple conference than an insurance summit.

Too shy to ask for clarification, I researched on my own and discovered the long tradition of All Industry events. At my first Arizona I-Day, I had the immediate sensation that everyone there knew everyone else, except me, but it was easy to make contacts. The other CPCUs were very welcoming, and I was able to call one I had met a couple months later to get clarification on maritime remedies (who would have known that the shores of Arizona I-Day held maritime expertise).

The next year I was amazed by Dr. Hartwig, got yelled at by Larry Winget, and was told by Cindy Baroway that I “posed well.” In succeeding years, I played with a drone, became interested in actuarial science, and designed a fun graphic related to identity fraud. I’ve had wonderful memories every year.

Which is why I’m proud to play a small part in continuing that tradition. We have appealing, diverse, and topical speakers this year that will make the event great and memorable. Here's a look:

When I first contacted Byron Reese about speaking to our group, he asked what he was being hired for. I told him I appreciated his message of optimism in times of tremendous and rapid change. I explained the far reach of insurance products in a society witnessing unprecedented automation and technological advancement. It must have been quite the tirade because at the end, he jokingly (I hope) asked me, “Why don’t you give the speech?” Well, the easy answer is that Byron—not Brent—has a Lloyd’s policy on his voice—he’s a great speaker and we will learn a lot from him in How Technology Is Changing Us.

Mike Rodriguez asked me the same question: What are you hiring me for? Another easy answer—talking with Mike makes me feel good. His message in Break Your Routines To Change Your Life will also be an uplifting experience, and as a former Zig Ziglar speaker, you will enjoy his communication style.

As a CPCU Chapter, we are fulfilling our mission of education by offering breakout sessions  steered by fellow CPCUs and filed for state CE credit. William Coniam is an Arizona member who leads Identifying Commercial Property Hazards in Arizona. His presentation contains recent and local examples of hazards that affect property, casualty, and workers comp risk, practical for anyone in loss control, underwriting, or claims.

Lamont Boyd and Kim Manibusan, both of FICO, combine two current topics in Predictive Analytics and Cyber Risk Management. We all know how growingly large the cyber risk market is, and this presentation will also discuss tools to predict, evaluate, and mitigate those risks.

In The Implications of Autonomous Vehicles in the Insurance Sector, Eric Nordman examines how telematics, transportation network companies, and autonomous vehicles affect not only highway safety and current insurance products but also macro societal trends such as mobility and environmental impact. There will be a need for evolution in the insurance market, he will explain.

Also, we will again have a donation table for St. Mary’s Food Bank. Arizona CPCUs have always been generous with spare dollars for this cause, and this year is especially important. The hurricanes have diverted much-needed funds to disaster relief in other areas, and local food banks are feeling the pinch. I know our members will respond with care.

Finally, we’ll be treated at lunch to an overview of the financial services industry in Maricopa County by Dr. Chris Bustamante of Rio Salado. The Arizona Chapter has partnered with multiple educational institutions to promote insurance as a career, another large part of our mission of expanding knowledge and driving engagement. Rio Salado is the host of the Rick Jones Memorial Scholarship program that supports students in insurance studies. As Rick encouraged me, we now encourage insurance workforce development in his name, and I encourage you all to join me next Tuesday in making new I-Day memories.



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