CPCU President's Message - June 2017

Thu, 06/08/2017 - 10:29
by Brent Dohogne

I’m not sure what it means to “fetch” something. Seems like a simple enough concept, but my new dog has made it debatable. While he doesn’t have too many advanced skills—napping, looking at me longingly, and barking at people who don’t exist are his top traits—I’ve been trying to teach him to fetch. I’m not sure if we’ve accomplished this.

Phase one was to invoke a desire to have the ball. When I first introduced ball, the dog just responded by rolling over onto his back, expecting a belly rub. Eventually, he did want to gnaw on it. Then I tried throwing the ball down the hall, which usually resulted in him looking at me like I’m the dumbest person alive for getting rid of a perfectly good ball.

We’ve recently entered phase two, which means he will go and get the ball after I toss it; unfortunately, he never returns with it. He’ll play a little bit and then come trotting to me empty-handed, proud that he found the ball but totally unconcerned with bringing it back.

So I’m not sure if by actually obtaining the ball he has “fetched” it, if he never brings it back to me. I am quite confident, however, in the abilities and accomplishments of CPCU members. They have put in the time and work to pass the exams and obtain the designation and bring that knowledge and skill back to the workplace.

Time and again, CPCU members also give back to their communities. Appropriately enough, our last luncheon featured Diane Gregory, who spoke to us about volunteerism and leadership in non-profit organizations. She stressed using persistence in following your dreams and looking for opportunities to give back to your calling.

I want to recognize all CPCUs who have persisted in achieving their designation. And in Arizona, we are truly blessed to have so many individuals continuing to give back to the Society. Our Chapter Board comprises thirteen members who put in countless hours to organize our luncheons and promote CPCU values.

Another group is our Company Champions. Organized by Brett Clausen and Tom Gutierrez, these members “champion” the cause of the Society and act as an intermediary for information. I would also like to recognize Champion Christina Meraz for setting up a LinkedIn account to serve as a communications platform for this group.

Finally, I can’t thank enough April Horned and the Golf Committee who put on a terrific event last month. True to the spirit of giving back, this annual outing raises money for our scholarship fund, a direct investment into the insurance talent pool of the future. You can read more about this event and the actuarial program at ASU that CPCU supports here: https://math.asu.edu/actuary/gis-club.

It’s an honor to serve with so many people who have had the ambition to fetch the designation and also to keep providing value by giving back. One upcoming opportunity to serve our chapter is the I-Day event on November 14. If you would like to volunteer, please let me know. You’ll find the event fun and rewarding, and you’ll be setting a great example for my stubborn dog!



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