CPCU President's Message - January 2017

Mon, 01/30/2017 - 10:14

January 2017

So have you heard the expression, “birds of analogous plumule flock conjointly?” Well, me neither. You probably have heard this one: “birds of a feather flock together.” There’s good reason for that, as our neurological complexes prefer to remember short and patterned phrases, especially those that rhyme.

There are other advantages to this style of writing—the content is perceived as more aesthetic and more likely to match others, and there’s even greater ontic verisimilitude in familiar or rhyming speech, which is why you should always say “believability” instead of “ontic verisimilitude.” Or just say what Dr. Seuss would say, and you’ll be good.

In choosing a motto for this year, I definitely wanted something memorable that captured our true spirit as a group of accomplished professionals, and that’s why our theme for the year is Recognition of Ambition.

If there’s anything I hope to accomplish this year, it’s that we as a Chapter fully support and recognize the outstanding contributions of its members. I’ve been seven national CPCU conferences and have met a lot of members, and I can honestly say I don’t know any Chapter quite like ours. Here’s a glimpse of all the ambitious successes we can celebrate:

  • Recognize our Volunteers, the dozens of you who have always responded to assist with the planning and organization of our many events;

  • Recognize our Mentors, who are acting as true champions of our industry by passing along their wisdom to others;

  • Recognize our Board of Directors, who put in so many extra hours of creativity to provide members with fun and educational luncheons and experiences;

  • Recognize our Donors, who contribute to our Chapter’s philanthropic endeavors and sponsor our cause;

  • Recognize our Candidates, those who are striving to better themselves and join our elite community;

  • Recognize Ourselves, CPCU Members who have put in the time and effort to accomplish this noble designation, and we also recognize the friends, family, and employers who have helped us along the way.

The Chapter certainly has a lot going for it! I’m honored to participate in my small way, and the Board has a lot of great activities planned for this year.

Here’s a look at our upcoming calendar:

  • Volunteer Recognition, February 15. There’s that word again, recognition—this time in salute to those who have contributed to the Chapter in 2016.

  • Chapter Luncheon, February 22, at Sheraton Mesa. What a great forum, as we’ll host Chris Camacho, President & CEO of the Greater Phoenix Economic Council. Make sure you’re registered at https://arizona.cpcusociety.org.

  • Spring Training Game, March 14, Sloan Park, Cubs vs Brewers. Tickets first go on sale at our February luncheon.


If you know of a Chapter member who deserves recognition in this space, on our website, or at our monthly luncheon, please tell me the story and I’ll be happy to share. It’s always good to have recognition of ambition!


Brent Dohogne, CPCU
Arizona Chapter President

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azbrett's picture
Well said Mr. Dohogne! I am looking forward to another fantastic year, thank you for all that you and the board do to make our chapter great!
1 year 3 weeks ago