AZ Spotlight - Sue Miller

Fri, 07/17/2020 - 11:57

AZ Spotlight is a platform to learn more about fellow Arizona CPCUs and spotlight their achievements within our chapter and throughout the insurance industry!

Our next AZ Spotlight is Sue Miller, CPCU! Sue has served as our I-Day Director for the past 2 years and is a great part of our team. Keep reading to learn more about Sue.


  • Where do you work and what’s your current role? I work at State Farm Insurance and very proud to be part of this organization for 23 years.  I have spent my entire career in Claims and currently I am a Fire Casualty Team Manager aka first line leader. 


  • In what ways has the CPCU designation/society made an impact in your professional/personal life?  I have always been a lifelong learner so continuing education was a real bonus when I started work at State Farm.  Even though sometimes the study might not be my interest, I am always learning which is a good feeling.  My CPCU designation has allowed me to meet so many smart, fun interesting people.  I think that is the best part. 


  • What are some ideas to engage, retain, and grow the AZ CPCU chapter? I believe it takes all of us to make our AZ CPCU chapter a success.  When you see that email I encourage you to get involved as you will meet interesting people and continue to learn and grow.  I also believe as a chapter we have to keep our material relevant with a broad appeal to all our membership.  I am very grateful to serve you as I-day Director this year and be part of our terrific AZ CPCU chapter.   


  • What’s a fun fact about yourself? I love biking.  I lived in Anchorage, Alaska for 15 years and the outdoors are my happy place.  I once rode a road bike 200 miles through a beautiful part of Alaska and even convinced a friend to join the next year.  What challenge are you taking to push out of your comfort zone? 


  • How can we stay up to date with you and your career? You can find me on LinkedIn and also happy to always have a chat so feel free to connect.    


To become our next “AZ Spotlight” member or to recommend someone, send email with bio (following above format) and picture to for consideration.

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