AZ Spotlight - Rena Strohmeier

Fri, 02/14/2020 - 14:13

AZ Spotlight is a platform to learn more about fellow Arizona CPCUs and spotlight their achievements within our chapter and throughout the insurance industry!

Our next AZ Spotlight is Rena Strohmeier, CPCU, AIC, AINS.

Rena currently serves as our AZ CPCU Society Chapter Treasurer and co-chaired our I-Day committee for 2019. She has a tenured career with State Farm and has been a great asset to the CPCU board since getting involved.  We caught up with Rena for a short interview...


  • Where do you work and what’s your current role?

I’ve been with State Farm Insurance for the past 23 years.  Currently, I am an Auto Claim Team manager over an injury litigation team servicing claims in Alaska, Arizona and California.  I have relocated 4 times in my career, living in Chicago; Washington DC; Charlotte, NC and now Phoenix.   I’ve worked personal lines claims in both the auto and fire/casualty side including Catastrophe team for 7 years, Fire Reinspection management and Fire Casualty management.   Fire Reinspection was especially fun as we were entrusted to ensuing excellence in our claim product.  I managed 12 people over five east coast states and was out traveling two to three weeks each month.


  • In what ways has the CPCU designation/society made an impact in your professional/personal life?
    • It’s an interesting journey with CPCU and the society.  When you work for a single company for your entire career, you tend to have a myopic view of insurance.   Being part of the CPCU Society and engaged in the AZ chapter has opened my experiences and relationships with others in the industry.  It’s great to see how our societal changes are impacting the industry and discuss these with other professionals for a wholistic view of insurance and where we’re going.


  • What are some ideas to engage, retain, and grow the AZ CPCU chapter?
    • It’s important to bridge the gap from our tenured CPCUs to our new designees encompassing everything from mentoring to social gathering.  Our use of web access for our monthly luncheons will build our retention base and better communicate our brand.   I believe our social activities need to be intentional so maybe a wine tasting at the art museum or a luncheon on new social apps/technology that may be intimidating to some.   We can us the strengths and weaknesses people have and since we have a common bond throughout CPCU, it will provide a safe environment for people to learn within.  


  • What’s a fun fact about yourself?
    • Aside from my love of travel (and the bond with our Chapter President Brad Magick of us both teaching English through the JET program in Japan), I am also a living kidney donor as of January 29, 2020.  I was blessed enough to be a kidney match to a friend of mine who will be a double transplantee (she had a heart transplant 6 years ago).  She also is a State Farm  Auto Claim Team Manager from Chicago.  We have a lot of common friends through State Farm and ironically didn’t physically meet each other until we both relocated to Phoenix.


  • How can we stay up to date with you and your career?

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