AZ Spotlight - Morgan Sexton

Fri, 06/05/2020 - 13:03

AZ Spotlight is a platform to learn more about fellow Arizona CPCUs and spotlight their achievements within our chapter and throughout the insurance industry!

Our next AZ Spotlight is Morgan Sexton, MPH, CPCU, AU-M, AFIS.

Morgan currently serves as our AZ CPCU Society Chapter Webmaster and Social Media/Communication Director and was part of our I-Day committee for 2019. She has been with Liberty Mutual for the past 6 years and has been a great asset to the CPCU board since getting involved.  We caught up with Morgan for a short interview...


  • Where do you work and what’s your current role?

I’m a commercial lines Territory Manager at Liberty Mutual, I remotely manage over 100 independent agencies with Liberty Mutual contracts in South Dakota, Iowa and Nebraska and work with them on marketing, understanding our appetite, offering training, and guiding them to meet their commitments with us. I’ve had this role for almost 3 years, prior to that I did commercial underwriting.


  • In what ways has the CPCU designation/society made an impact in your professional/personal life?
    • I’m still fairly new to insurance so it really helped me gain a broad understanding of the industry, especially in areas that I don’t encounter in my day-to-day work like personal lines and bonds.  I feel like getting my CPCU gave me enough context and understanding to engage with my peers on those areas, as well as gave me a deeper understanding of the commercial world for my current role.  It gave me great insight into how coverage applies and how it’s evolved over the years to get to where it is today. Having that strong base has been invaluable in fully understanding the situations I run into daily.


  • What are some ideas to engage, retain, and grow the AZ CPCU chapter?
    • Don’t be afraid to try new things! Just because something has always been done one way doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. That’s why it’s so important to get new people involved, switch up the leadership, and network with other chapters. We need to constantly be sharing ideas and gaining new perspectives because that’s the only way to truly grow.


  • What’s a fun fact about yourself?
    • My uncle was a manager at Disney World since before I was born until about 2 years ago, so I’ve been to Disney World/Disneyland over 20 times. We would go at least twice a year when I was younger and I spent several spring breaks/summers in Orlando.


  • How can we stay up to date with you and your career?


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