AZ Spotlight: Jason Masten

Wed, 05/05/2021 - 11:03

AZ Spotlight is a platform to learn more about fellow Arizona CPCUs and spotlight their achievements within our chapter and throughout the insurance industry!  Our next AZ Spotlight is Jason Masten. Jason has been in the AZ CPCU Society Chapter since 2016 and joins us this year as our New Designee Director.

  • Where do you work and what’s your current role? I am a Senior Marketing Representative with Auto-Owners Insurance, managing our agency partner relationships for half of Arizona.


  • In what ways has the CPCU designation/society made an impact in your professional/personal life? It has provided opportunities to give back, hone new skills outside of my comfort zone, while also making new professional connections and friends I wouldn’t otherwise have gotten to know. And our monthly luncheons have provided great learning experiences as well.


  • What are some ideas to engage, retain, and grow the AZ CPCU chapter?  I feel community involvement is always a useful tool to further our efforts. We have partnered with some great non-profits and supported small businesses in many of our social events, and continuing on that path increases member involvement and our chapter’s recognition as a whole.


  • What’s a fun fact about yourself?  I golf less than once per year but have hit a hole-in-one on a 381-yard par-4 hole at McCormick Ranch. The caveat is I was shooting the ball out of a “potato gun”, which I feel makes it a more impressive feat!


  • How can we stay up to date with you and your career? Find me on LinkedIn.

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