Feb 24

Mentoring Circle - 1

02/24/21 12:00pm to 1:00pm

Welcome to the first of a series of conversations titled “Mentoring Circles” where we discuss a variety of topics we believe are relevant to you.  Our first conversation, is titled “Mentoring and a growth mindset”.  Sherry McFadden, Area Governor and former Arizona Chapter President, and Victor Foggie, Mentoring Chair will co-facilitate the conversation. Mindsets frame how we see situations and suggest how we might react; they focus our attention on certain aspects of the environment, and they can become habitual. Mentoring is considered a powerful tool for a growth mindset. What kind of mentor do you want to be? What has been your mindset as a mentee? How have you, as a mentor or a mentee, benefitted from the mentoring process in terms of a developing more of a "growth mindset." Let's discuss.