Candidate Development

If you’ve served as a mentor for CPCU Candidates (Students), it’s time for you to think about CPCU Society service on the Candidate Development Committee! Serving as a committee member provides you with the one-of-a-kind networking, learning, and fellowship opportunities that often translate into career advancement. Activities performed by the Candidate Development Committee include: Recruiting new CPCU candidates by offering presentations to local insurance offices highlighting the value of pursuing the CPCU designation Mentoring current CPCU candidates Keeping in contact with CPCU candidates through e-mail and personal calls Encouraging CPCU Society membership of 4-part or more completers Develop candidate recognition programs (e.g. congratulatory letters when milestones are passed Candidate retention—set up a support system for your candidates including special candidate events; matching up members and candidates in a mentoring/sponsorship program.

Good Works

The purpose of the Good Works Committee is to identify specific charities for the Chapter to support. Support is provided in several ways. The committee identifies specific charities to provide actual physical service. One example would be working at Habitat for Humanity site. Another example would be Chapter members participating in serving at a St. Vincent de Paul dining room on either a Saturday or a Sunday. Being on the committee helps the Chapter to promote itself throughout the Phoenix community and serving on the committee is a way to learn more about the needs of the Phoenix community. No one person on the committee has a huge responsibility. We all have roles to play though. As with all the committees, we are always looking for additional members to support our activities.


HELP SHAPE THE FUTURE OF THE INSURANCE INDUSTRY All CPCU’s have made the commitment to professional development by successfully passing a comprehensive series of rigorous examinations. This course of study is crucial to understanding the dynamic nature of our business. The Education Committee provides an excellent opportunity to help others prepare and complete their selected course of study. By helping others achieve their goals, committee members truly embody the CPCU Code of Professional Ethics. Some of the activities performed by the Education Committee: Provide guidance to students on which classes or programs are right for them Plan and conduct CPCU and IIA courses throughout the Phoenix metro area Arrange for meeting space for individual classes Recruit qualified instructors to teach courses offered by the Chapter Promote and publicize courses via the Chapter’s website and through periodic mailings to interested candidates.

The Regulation and Legislation

The Regulation and Legislation Committee monitors regulatory changes that impact our industry and reports back to the Board. This committee works with various organizations to obtain up to date information on law changes that may affect how we do our business. Some of the activities performed by the Regulation and Legislation Committee: Attend monthly CPCU Board meetings Monitors and reviews insurance-related legislation and regulation for impact on industry Prepares articles for the Chaptergram related to current insurance issues Serves as a liaison between the IIAB and our chapter Provide current information to the Board members on a regular basis


• Maintain the chapter roster of members • Emphasize the value of Society membership to chapter members • Responsible for coordinating and keeping the chapter’s database information • Maintain the name badges utilized at the luncheons • Man the entrance desk/table at the luncheon • Maintain accurate email listing for communication by Chapter Board Members


• Attend monthly CPCU Board meetings • Make sure all committee members have jobs to do • Attend New Designee luncheon • Present an I-Day budget • Create the I-Day theme • Write thank you notes • Reserve the facility and speakers • Collect the registrations • Solicit sponsors and vendors • Have a blast!


Under the direction of the chapter board, the visibility task force chairman shall develop programs to enhance and promote recognition of the CPCU Society, its members, and the designation. • Publicize chapter meetings and programs, special events, new designees and Good Works programs in local media and industry press


The Scholarship Committee delivers a variety of professional education programs to the chapter membership. These programs should help members succeed by focusing on technical, leadership, and career management. This includes chapter meetings and seminars. • Assist with the educational seminars at I-Day • Work with the national CPCU Society to leverage pre-existing programs when applicable • Evaluate candidates and award scholarships for UNT students or arrange financial assistance for members